Friday, April 1, 2011

Relationship Rules For 4/1/11

Today we focus on some basic relationship secrets for strengthening the connection between you and the people you love. Here they are:

1.If you are a natural fit, your partner should read your mind and intuit your needs and wants without you having to ask.

2.Other people are responsible for your happiness.If they don't read your script,they are wrong.

3.Relationships should be easy.

4.Children will help your marriage.

5. Timing and approach style doesn't matter when you need to talk through a conflict with a loved one.

6.You are always right,and the other person in the relationship is always wrong.

7.Say everything you think.

8.Physical affection doesn't matter that much. The other person knows I love them.

9.No need for an adult listener or counseling when you go through difficulty.Lean on the children!

10.Getting counseling is a sign of weakness.

11.You are supposed to be happy all the time.

12.There is nothing you can do to change your mood.

13.No need to listen to others. You know what they are going to say by now.

14.Teens don't want any connection with their parents or families.

15.I can take my partner for granted,because they will love me no matter how I treat them.

16.My partner must be exactly like me for this relationship to work.Differences are a bad thing.

17.The children don't notice how I treat their mother/father.

18.I have fallen "out of love" and that must be unusual.The remedy is to end the relationship. It must have outlived its shelf-life.

19.Blended families and step-families should do everything as a big group. The original family members don't especially need time alone,and if they did it might threaten the new marriage.

20.Families don't need clear rules or communication.

21.I don't need to manage my own stress level,or watch what I contribute to the relationship or the family.

22.Blame is a useful tool in building healthy relationships.

23.After you get married,you don't need to court your partner or plan dates anymore.

24.Venting work or financial stress on the family can be effective.

25.Criticism is the best way to motivate your loved ones.

26.Hold grudges as long as possible.Forgiveness is for sissies.Plus,there are the health benefits to consider.

27.Keep doing the same things in your close relationships and expect something different to happen between you. It could happen.

28.Refuse any input from the people you are in relationship with about what you could do better.What do they know?

29.Be rigid with others. Flexibility and understanding are overrated.

30.Keeping secrets is a good way to build intimacy.It will help my partner want to open up and be more vulnerable and honest with me.

I am so glad I could clear a few of these things up today about building stronger, more loving relationships. April Fools! The reverse is true on all of today's tips. Have some fun this April Fools Day!

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