Monday, April 4, 2011

How You Make People Feel

I recently reread some of poet and author Maya Angelou's writings. One statement of hers really touched my heart. Angelou reflects that people won't remember what you said,or what you did. What they will remember is how you make others feel. Who in your life do you love to be around? There is so much negativity and criticism----at work and in relationships.It is refreshing to be around people who are encouraging,supportive,and fun.Nobody likes to hang out with someone who is stuck in victim mode,or brittle about every little thing so you feel you must walk on eggshells.

We each have a choice to make everyday about whether to be an encouragement or discouragement to each person our life touches that day.This includes grocery checkers,counter help, other drivers,neighbors,waiters,co-workers,your children,your parents,and your partner.It is amazing what a smile and a little warmth can do. In this culture of narcissism that we live in,it is easy to get caught up in feeling so busy and self-absorbed that we don't realize we are treating other human beings like objects,or to stroke our own ego. There is a sign up at a gas station near our home which sums it up succinctly,"It's nice to be important, but it's MORE important to be nice".

Truly,it is when we interact kindly with others and we think noone is watching that reveals our character.If each person could police their own moods,and set their intention to treat others with optimism,humanity,and kindness,what a difference we can make in our world. Smile at the supporting cast in your life this week, and be generous with your praise and thanks. All of our lives are really enesemble pieces,not solo acts.

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