Saturday, December 4, 2010

Appreciating Your Partner

Today, take a moment to reflect on what you appreciate about your partner. Often we take our partner for granted, or perseverate about their shortcomings. It is so much better to think of your love relationship as a living, dynamic thing and that you are never in a steady state with each other. You are either growing closer together, or drifting further apart at any particular time. what wonderful things can happen when you take complete responsibility for making your partner feel loved and appreciated.

Here are some suggestions to get you going:

Reveal what makes you feel loved to your partner.
Lavish specific praise on your partner for the kindnesses they show you and how they brighten your life.
Be emotionally brave, honest,and let yourself be vulnerable.
Ask for what you need from your partner.
Criticize only in private.
Surprise each other often in little ways that say ,"I thought of you".
(Doing the unexpected can keep your love alive.)
Kiss often.
Say "I love you".
Say "thank you" and "please".
Listen to the meaning behind the words.
Offer to help as needed.
Develop empathy for your partners' point of view.
Share your dreams.
Talk about your fears.
Create your own special traditions as a couple that mean something to the two of you.
Honor one another in front of friends, family,and strangers.
If you have a complaint about the relationship, speak directly with your partner, never to others.
Negotiate the housework and other mundane tasks.
Cultivate romance.
Hug and kiss hello and goodbye.
Schedule time to be alone together.
When you fight, be specific, and ask for what you want in the future, or next time.
Hold hands.
Celebrate the special qualities about your partner that attracted you in the beginning.
Play together.
Have high energy fun together as often as possible.
Forgive one another.
Keep your word.
Love yourself. Believe you deserve to be treated well.
Be faithful and protect the relationship from harm.
Make plans for the future together.
Talk about your coutship.
Make your relationship your priority.

Follow these instuctions, and your partner should feel well loved and appreciated, and you maintain your investment in being a part of something wonderful that lasts!

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